Sergio Ramos Hails Neymar’s Talents Among Real Madrid Rumors

Sergio Ramos Hails Neymar’s Talents Among Real Madrid Rumors

Sergio Ramos has spoken up Barcelona star Neymar as reports surrounding a wonderful potential proceed to Real Madrid persist.

The previous Santos man apparently met having a Madrid delegation in front of the FIFA Ballon d’Or gala in Zurich.

The 23-year-old rapidly denied this type of meeting ever required place, while Barcelona coach Luis Enrique revealed a week ago he expects Neymar to sign a brand new contract at some point.

Which has not stopped Ramos from hailing the South america captain’s talents, however.

“Neymar is a superb player who are able to result in the difference,” your opponent told reporters. “Football is unpredictable and there’ll always be transfer rumours.

“However the one factor you won’t ever see is Sergio Ramos joining Barcelona.”

Madrid supposedly sees Neymar because the lengthy-term substitute for Cristiano Ronaldo, that has been associated with Manchester U . s ., PSG along with a proceed to MLS in recent several weeks.

However, Ramos want to begin to see the Portugal worldwide remain at the Bernabeu for a lot of more a long time.

“As Madrid captain, I must see Cristiano for a lot more years,” he added. “He is indeed a star.”



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