Well you’ve seen this movie before. Noon start, gently considered SEC bottom feeder, coming off a psychological and physically draining win or loss a few days before (and losses are worse), around the road…historically speaking, under all coaching employees, Florida Gators teams don’t usually answer the bell with much energy or focus. Enough to win? Nearly every time. Enough to impress the fans (or coaches) or keep your fans from getting a lengthy day’s dyspepsia? Not a way.

Lots of fans and pundits performed that familiar prognostication tune of “poor Vandy” because generally, whenever a power team suffers an unpleasant defeat and faces a significantly lesser opponent a few days after, they remove their frustrations from the unlucky team by means of a behind-the-woodshed beating. However that hasn’t been the Gators’ modus operandi inside a lengthy time, and so i certainly didn’t expect it now.

Getting Offensive Again

Sadly, we view this movie before too: Florida’s offense needs lots of work, with hardly any margin for error, after which BAM the beginning quarterback goes lower with injuries or else disappears right beneath our noses (in other words, right beneath their own nose), and also the serviceable offense which had about developing into something far better all of a sudden can’t obtain a first lower or score a touchdown. Or perform snap around the goal line. A week ago, however wasn’t the responsibility of the backup-made-starter slinging the rock. He performed very well, actually, once the coaches allow him to. Against Vanderbilt, however, the foibles that dogged Austin Appleby at Purdue were in much sharper focus.

The main reason Appleby sometimes struggles isn’t due to what he is doing after he constitutes a read – as he recognizes outdoors man, he is able to result in the throws and perform some damage. His concern is what he doesn’t read before he constitutes a throw. He just misses a lot of open receivers as he throws to some well-covered guy. And often his target is bracketed tightly and we must hope the defensive backs are defensive backs (and never receivers) for any reason.

However, Appleby wasn’t the main reason the offense battled in Nashville. And that he it was not the main reason they collapsed the prior week in Knoxville. Many of this was the defense, which gave Gator fans fits Saturday against Vanderbilt as Rob Webb scampered for 110 yards against our vaunted defense.

I am not that concerned however that people threw in the towel some yardage to Webb. In the end, he arrived to the sport leading the SEC in hurrying. Not Leonard Fournette, not Nick Chubb, and never Rawleigh, Trayveon or Stanley Johnson. Rob Webb. It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks about our defense, in 18 quarters this season, they’ve only quit 2 touchdowns. That’s four . 5 games and just two times letting the opponent in to the finish zone. They’d one miserable quarter where they threw in the towel 5 touchdowns, however in another 18, just two. When the Gators didn’t go soft after thinking the Tennessee game was at halftime…if the Gator coaches didn’t get into a conservative shell…if the UT kicking game didn’t keep Florida within the shadow of their own goal posts the whole other half, making the coaches too timid to toss the football (or maybe our beginning quarterback hadn’t been hurt, this provides you with our coaches much more confidence to throw from your own red zone having a lead)…who knows how our defense might have performed for the reason that other half after dominating Tennessee within the first half?


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