2 Tricks to Enhance Health!

It seems like these days people are struggling to get fit more than ever. Everywhere you look there is a new diet, new fad piece of equipment, or new so-called magical pill that will get you a hard body that is worthy of this months issue of Women’s Fitness or GQ magazine. This is all bogus crap that is causing you to waste more of your time watching it than getting anything done that is going to result in your real progress. Fitness has to be a good old fashion lifestyle choice. It has to be a daily “way of life” for you to make any progress in your attempt to achieve the goals you desire the most.,Fitness Tips That Work!,1. Nutrition: This may seem like an obvious one, but it doesn’t have to be rocket science! Forget trying to get a so-called diet that “works” like the South Beach Diet or Atkins Diet. These are fads that cause you to make drastic changes in your personal eating habits which aren’t necessarily fitting if you are just living a healthy lifestyle the way you should be in the first place. For a healthy nutrition plan lets go back to the advice you got when you were a child. Your parents probably encouraged you to eat that apple instead of the snickers bar. They would rather you had drank that water rather than the soda. They were probably encouraging you to eat enough of your vegetables at the dinner table before they rewarded you with dessert. All of those influences are exactly what you need in order to have a healthy diet. Just make smart choices. It really is that simple. If you are 50 lbs overweight then you are never going to get better until you put down the large pizza and start eating foods that are good for you. Just be smart, period!,2. Elevate Your Level of Perceived Exertion: When you workout do something productive. Once again, this probably sounds obvious, yet most people don’t do it! If it is so obvious then why don’t people do what works? Lets use a hard core example of what I am talking about. If you are 50 lbs overweight then you have got to sweat and work to get the weight off. This is called elevating your level of perceived exertion. You are not going to do this by walking over to the dumbbell rack and picking up a pair of 10 lb dumbbells to do a set of arm curls. This is the same logic as if you had a flat tire on your car and you went over to try to inflate it by blowing into the valve stem with the air from your lungs. It just isn’t going to happen. You see where I am coming from. In order to get that weight off you have got to go walk some stairs, move your body, or attempt some body weight exercises that will get your heart pumping and your pores sweating! This is a true tip to improve your health. Tips to better your workouts are simple. All you have to do is make smart choices. Remember to train hard, but always train smart!

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