5 Causes Why Each Girl Ought to Pole Dance for Health

Once thought to be the realm of only strippers in seedy clubs, pole dancing for exercise is sweeping the country as a fun new fitness trend. It may seem easy and full of fluff, but the sport has some amazing fitness benefits that rival your favorite workout. Read on for 5 benefits of pole dancing for fitness that you won’t want to miss out on.,1. Weight Loss – Did you know the on average, during an hour of pole dancing you burn 450 calories or more? This is the equivalent of playing a sport like tennis or football for an hour, except even better because this workout gives you some extra added benefits that regular sports or running on the treadmill can’t.,2. Building Muscle – Believe it or not, this activity requires enormous muscle strength and is not just frivolous booty-shaking around a pole, as some people seem to think.,Climbing and spinning around the pole engages all of the muscles of your body: your core, arms, legs, and back get an intense workout from having to haul, lift and spin your entire body weight around the pole repeatedly. Some advanced dancers have the ability to hold their entire body upside down using just their core strength!,You won’t get this type of workout in spinning class, that’s for sure.,3. Increased Flexibility – The average pole dance class warmup involves stretches specifically designed to increase the body’s flexibility. The ability to do splits, backbends, and other awesome feats are necessary to do some advanced moves.,Even as a beginner, dancing regularly just once a week will eventually show increases in your body’s flexibility, range of motion, balance and coordination.,4. Increased Confidence – Just like any other exercise, pole dancing releases endorphins that greatly uplift your mood and positivity.,Not to mention, knowing you can lift, spin, and perform gymnastic-like moves will no doubt increase your confidence. There’s no better feeling than the pride and sense of accomplishment of mastering a spin you’ve been practicing for weeks or seeing your strength steadily increase week after week.,The progressive aspect of this sport means that no matter how long you do it, there’s always more spins to learn, climbs to do and dance moves to master – keeping you engaged, challenged, and having fun for years, if you choose. You will never get bored with this sport, and it can be downright addictive!,5. Increased Femininity – Every woman, no matter age or size, looks great dancing around the pole, and many women report increased self-esteem, body confidence, and feelings of sexiness and sensuality from practicing on a regular basis.,As women, a lot of us are uncomfortable in our own skin or ashamed or afraid of being sexy and confident. Pole dancing allows you to release inhibitions and be free to be the sexy, beautiful woman you are without judgement, and with the support and encouragement of other women around you.

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