Alchemical Weight Loss – Transformation of Extreme Weight Into Human Spirit

The unsolved downside of weight problems:

Dealing with obese is without doubt one of the most desperating points for many who expertise it. Standard efforts for treating the issue via food regimen and bodily train are revealed time and again as ineffective in the long term. Nonetheless, most human beings maintain attempting in the identical methods. The result’s all the time one other rise in weight, with the addition of failure emotions, helplessness and desperation. The rationale for failure lies within the misunderstanding of the dynamics through which the bodily physique positive factors weight.

The identified food regimen is predicated on the idea that the bodily physique raises on account of extreme caloric stability which turns into bodily materials – extreme fats. Based on this understanding the derived conclusion is that lowering the consumption of bodily materials – meals – will convey a few discount of the bodily physique. This notion is mistaken as a result of it’s primarily based on a narrowing view and on analytical causation, which recommend a bodily resolution to what’s sees as an issue that’s bodily in essence. This conception oversimplifies the complexity of man and neglects the various strata that have an effect on his life, far past the bodily dimension. Because of that, it can not supply an efficient resolution to the issue. The holistic perspective on man tells us that to be able to resolve an issue, bodily as properly, we’re must broaden the standpoint and perceive everything of bodily, emotional, psychological and religious causes, through which it was created.

The roots of the weight problems downside – Reversed alchemy of gold into lead:

The alchemical perspective on the weight problems phenomenon begins with the notion that man is an entity that personal creation forces, and is able to constructing by himself its bodily physique, emotional world, psychological forces and religious power, and create the bodily and religious actuality through which she or he lives. This pressure is executed by the flexibility of man to do a metamorphosis of itself and its setting from low power existence to existence of a better frequency, in the identical manner that an alchemist turns lead into gold. In actual fact, that is the purpose of his life and to there leads his private path. Obese is an indication that for some purpose the individual is concentrated an excessive amount of on creating himself a bodily physique, and neglects the creation of different components of him and his life.

Creation forces that reside in man are executed by the interplay of two elementary and opposing energies. These energies are identified in numerous names as matter and spirit, prana and shakti, yin and yang, and so forth. On this article I shall refer to those energies as mild and darkness.

The interplay between these opposing forces has been the issue that created man whereas being within the womb of its mom, and within the first years of its life. This creating interplay can exist when these two energies are distinct from one another. On this scenario the sunshine provides the creation program and the darkness creates the bodily, emotional, psychological, and religious buildings wanted for its execution. Nonetheless, with delivery the power of darkness intensifies, as a result of primal trauma of disconnection from cosmic feeding, and it’s expressed within the structure of sturdy pulling (gravitational) forces that take in mild into them.

On this scenario man lacks the flexibility to execute the creation program that’s imprinted in him, as a result of the absorption of sunshine by darkness creates a means of reverse alchemy through which it declines in its frequencies. The result’s that as an alternative of being a creating pressure it turns to an exterminating pressure that continues to remodel excessive frequency materials to low frequency materials. The result’s that the person will get to a route of dying and termination, as an alternative of constant creation and growth.

The sunshine that’s swallowed in darkness, perpetually retains attempting to execute the creation intention in it, and it tries to show the course of the alchemical course of, to extend in its frequency and escape from the absorption of darkness. These efforts are literally seen in varied human behaviors, from bodily manifestations to emotional, psychological and religious expressions. The power of sunshine to flee from darkness is completely depending on the acknowledgment and acceptance of those human manifestations by its human setting within the first years of its life. However as a result of the sunshine that tries to flee is of a low frequency, it’s manifested as behaviors that don’t look lighted, they usually specific principally egoistic private needs. Society, generally, rejects most of those expressions and forbids them and in a while man learns to reject them himself, normally in an computerized unconscious manner.

Weight achieve on account of the rejection of sunshine and its collapse:

With a view to be expressed as mild that has the flexibility of giving, as an alternative of absorption qualities that darkness has, mild has to vibrate within the frequency that’s proper for it. The rejection of the sunshine that attempted to flee darkness causes it to lose this frequency and it collapses right into a chaotic construction of a too low frequency, through which it continues to be expressed as darkness. The collapse is happening in a posh course of, through which the sunshine that attempted to exit is just not falling again to a dimension of whole in-existence, however collapses to decrease ranges of existence than those it ought to have reached. Gentle that was supposed, for instance, to create a stable and practical bodily physique however was rejected, decreases in its frequency and creates a decrease frequency bodily physique that’s nonfunctional and isn’t alleged to exist in line with this system of man. In different phrases – it creates fats. In the identical manner mild that wad alleged to be manifested as an emotion and was rejected, deteriorates in its frequency and turns into a bodily matter that’s once more manifested as fats.

Thus, there’s a sustainment of the method through which the rejection of sunshine (both by society, or by the unconsciousness of man) strikes it to exist in decrease energetic ranges (characterised by forces of absorption and destruction as an alternative of creation) than those through which it’s alleged to be. Thus the reversed alchemy by way of which mild goes, builds a bodily physique that’s rising by the superfluous layers which can be added to it, and the result’s obese. Man continues to be created, however the construction it creates is chaotic, unbalanced and distorted. The sunshine that attempted to get out of darkness to be able to execute the creation program inside it, is left within the stage of bodily physique as an unrealized potential.

The connection between meals and weight problems in alchemical view:

In its unstopping efforts to boost the frequencies of sunshine that collapsed to darkness, man is searching for exterior power that can help him in attaining that. This power exists on the planet as manifestations of religious entities to which man calls God, cosmos, Shiva, and many others. Nonetheless, as a result of he hesitates to put full belief in them he prefers to obtain power from earthly sources, and meals is probably the most accessible supply that man consumes to be able to allow the sunshine in him to flee from the pull of the darkness. However as a result of the meals is consumed by a person whose energetic construction is characterised by absorption forces within the first place, it too goes by way of reversed alchemy processes. The meals construction turns chaotic and his power is absorbed to areas whose frequency is just too low and that are persevering with to develop as a bodily physique. That is why meals can, and does, trigger obese.

Narrowing the quantities of meals and its composition by food regimen admittedly brings about discount within the sizes of bodily physique, as a result of it reduces the absorption forces by denying power from them, thereby permitting extra mild to return out, primarily from the unproportionally created physique. But, the rise of sunshine raises additionally the concern of latest rejection of it, and this concern turns to a gravitational pressure that stops the sunshine from getting out. Furthermore – it brings about collapse of further mild that succeeded to flee. The result’s that food regimen even strengthens the absorption forces and the reverse alchemy processes, and when man stops the food regimen and returns to eat as ordinary, his physique positive factors weight much more. Thus, the extra man experiences further diets, the decrease are his possibilities to scale back his weight, as a result of his construction turns into increasingly more energetically absorbing and the reverse alchemy processes in him grow to be stronger and stronger. The result’s rising fattening.

Alchemical weight reduction – transduction of bodily materials:

Based on the alchemical perspective weight reduction is a course of through which the sunshine that collapsed and changed into redundant bodily materials, is rising once more in its frequencies and reaches the energetic ranges which can be proper for it. The results of lowering weight on this manner is emergence of latest components within the individual, in his emotional, psychological and religious world, in addition to his bodily physique. This weight discount course of creates an alchemy of low materials into a brand new individual, extra complexed and of a better energetic frequency existence.

From an individual with an exaggerated mass of low frequency materials, which appears to be like like bodily materials, it turns right into a extra developed entity with creation forces and creation intentions, as an alternative of destruction forces, together with the destruction of self. This course of is bringing the individual to a route of energetic transduction, offers hope to his life, offers him again his connection to self, allows him to really feel succesful to comprehend his needs, offers him the flexibility to differentiate between good and dangerous in his life, and principally allows him to really feel linked to an entity greater than himself. Thereby this course of fixes the sensation of existential loneliness that characterizes males’s life. This can be a very totally different manner from the way in which of an unusual food regimen through which the individual tries to do away with components of himself, and thereby strengthen the self blame, desperation, anger, and feeling of alienation.

The way in which to alchemical transduction of physique weight:

With a view to begin the alchemical course of that’s obligatory for the discount of weight it’s first wanted to cease the continuation of the reversed alchemy processes inside us. These processes don’t permit us to develop they usually flip our potential to bodily materials.

These processes, in essence, are mild that doesn’t succeed to strategy consciousness and due to this fact decreases in its frequencies, and thus crucial elementary device to cease them is drawing consideration to those processes by consciousness to the very fact of their existence. Such consciousness allows the individual a sense of management that he did not have beforehand, when he felt helpless towards his arbitrarily altering weight with out realizing why, and the best way to forestall it. The sensation of management offers him additionally a capability to decide on between life with out self realization that’s characterised by the acquainted struggling, together with extreme fattening, and a life through which he struggles to free the sunshine in him and creates himself and his setting and obtains a balanced physique, amongst others. This text consists as one such a device of drawing consciousness to those processes.

Releasing the sunshine additionally requires getting over the concern from rejection and concern from change. These fears are embedded within the nervous system and getting over it requires methods that overpass that system. Such methods come from varies domains of therapy, together with EMDR, Kinesiology, and others. Extra methods should be developed and it requires a cooperation of researchers and therapists. Treating obese is way more then controlling diet. It’s a mission of religious growth of personal man and humanity. That’s an attention-grabbing standpoint. Would not you say?

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