Bodily Health – Is it Vital?

Switch on the TV, flip the pages of newspapers and magazines, all you see is about fitness and looking good. Little is being mentioned why its important to be fit. Our body is ours and its our responsibility to see that its healthy and in good shape.,If you look back few years ago, many people weren’t as informed and interested in keeping fit. Today, almost everyone has an idea. We now know how necessary it is to be physically fit and healthy. From online forums to radio and TV talk shows, we are advised to see the positive side of keeping fit and healthy.,Why Fitness is Necessary,When people find themselves in desperate live saving situation do they begin to realize why fitness is important. When you find yourself being chased by a ravenous dog, only to run out of breath in just a few meters, you are in for trouble. ,Confidence- People who are fit tend to be more confident than people who are not. When they are among friends or in public, they easily display confidence because they feel it from the inside. Illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer and heart disease can be preventable through fitness. People who don’t exercise stand at a greater risk of experiencing these illnesses.,Some of the benefits of being fit through regular exercise includes optimal nutritional absorption in your body. A thickened strong heart that pumps sufficient blood per minute to the rest of the body. Stronger bone and overall health. Taking baby steps with exercise is all it takes to get your body experiencing these benefits. You don’t have to be an athletic or other sport fanatic.,Our life style plays a crucial role to our fitness. What we eat, when we eat, how we eat is important. The kind of activities we love to do are also important.,Staying fit and healthy has more to do with our life styles and the level of fitness we seek to achieve. Despite it all, there is a minimum level of exercise activity needed to get us fit and healthy no matter our age, lifestyle or physical strength. Being fits can get you more mentally alert and in the right state of mind. Your concentration level increases and you become more agile and smart overall.

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