Calvin Klein Completely Match Bras – Good Mix of Model and Consolation

“Perfect fit” may sound nice but dull. Take a look at the Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit bras collection and you’ll change your mind. More than just comfortable, these bras will inspire you to much more than a satisfied sigh. They create a passion for fashion.,The CK Perfectly Fit Tailored T Shirt Bra can show you how. Its smooth lines and seamless edges offer the ideal bra for that thin-fabric blouse you just bought. Yet you still get light padding for a subtle but noticeable fullness, while the underwire provides all the support you need. Slip into this blend of soft 78% Nylon and 22% Lycra Elastane fabric and enjoy a bra that’s perfect for any day… or any night.,The Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Push Up Bra will get you – and a special someone – excited. Designed to give you the cleavage you want – thanks to graduated foam padding – CK’s designers have done it just right. With elasticated join at the bust for smooth, seamless support and extra support provided by the underwire, you get a look that leaves everyone speechless. Calvin Klein added subtle logo detailing on the straps to say everything for you.,Feeling flirty? Slip into a Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Flirty T Shirt Bra and get fashion with fun. The smooth surface gives you the perfect bra to pair with that new thin-fabric dress. Moulded foam cups ensure you’ll pick out one that’s low cut. No need to worry about support, though. The comfortable underwire keeps everything secure while the plunge neckline shows you to best advantage. Lovely lace trim along the bustline completes a style that is feminine and flirty.,Enjoy a CK Perfectly Fit Flirty Bra in a push up model, if you prefer. Get cleavage enhancement and a spirit of fun at the same time. Its joyful print and lace edging along the bustline work perfectly with the foam padded cups. That slim, low slung central gore is ideal for those low cut blouses you’ll use to show off your new look.,For a more revealing look, slip into the Calvin Klein Perfectly Fit Tailored Demi Bra model. A “demi” is a half cup bra with a fashion look that says “French lingerie” without shouting. Seamless straps add to that smooth look. Super soft, light padding gives you comfortable, subtle enhancement. A comfortable underwire provides support while the style provides a look you’ll love. A satin-feel backstrap adds silky comfort to high chic with this model.,The classical ballet position called “Arabesque” has the dancer stand on tip-toe with arms and one leg outstretched. That lovely pose provides the perfect name for one of Calvin Klein’s Perfectly Fit bras. A plunge neckline, moulded cups, and embroidered mesh at the bustline combine classy with sexy like never before. Slip one on and look unforgettable.

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