Enhance Your Golf And Your Basic Health

I heard a great quote the other day – ‘If men liked shopping, then they would call it research.’ Now we all know that most men do not like shopping, but I do, so I thought that today I would concentrate on things men like to spend money on. I came up with two ideas, both related to sports and fitness.,The Orange Whip golf swing trainer fills both of these slots. I believe that many of the world’s best golfers have this little tool in their golf bags. It is useful for beginners as well as expert players, as it works on that most important part of golf – your swing.,It is excellent for warming up and stretching, as well as working on your swing quickly and efficiently.,The Orange Whip has a specially developed weighting system on each end, which, combined with the flexible shaft, will improve your golf swing and give the golf-specific muscles a core-muscle workout.,This makes it great for stretching before practice, or before a round. However, one important point to remember is that it is against the rules to use it during your round, so get it out before you start and get those muscles really toned up.,I have been told by many people that it has helped their swing tremendously.,One of its other important features is that if your swing is not already well balanced, it will start to force you to develop a better stance and rhythm, which will help you play a much better game.,My second recommendation is a home gym/home fitness machine. Most men I know like to work out, but I often hear the complaint that when ever they have time to go to the gym, everyone else has time too.,One way to deal with this problem, which I can thoroughly recommend, is to get a home gym machine of your own.,You have the flexibility to work out when you get time, for example first thing in morning.,One of the very best home fitness machines is the Finnlo Bio Force 1.7 home gym. This is a professional home fitness system which can help you work your muscles through the entire range of motion. Changing over from one exercise to another is quick, and there are no dangerous weight plates to move.,Another great feature is that it comes with a comprehensive guide, showing over a 100 exercises for men and women, and a DVD which shows the exercises. I recommend watching the DVD, to be sure you are doing the exercises correctly.,You will also find that the Bio Force 1.7 is surprisingly compact; it will take up less space than a treadmill, though it does need a high room as the machine is quite high.,So two ideas which can be used by golfers, while the home gym can be used by those men who play any sport – or none at all!,Check out Salli’s squidoo lenses to find out more, as well as where and how to purchase these state-of-the-art fitness aids.

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