Enjoying Golf for Health – Necessary Information You Have to Know

The name of Tiger Woods will always be equated with golf. He has popularized the sport so much that the younger generation has now gotten to know a sport that only used to get the attention of the older retiree-generation. Even if you’re no Tiger Woods’ fan, however, there are a myriad of reasons why you should play golf. Contrary to what you may think, it’s not simply a boring game of hitting a ball with a club, although it would look like that when you’re a casual observer. Golf, with its opportunities to walk the vast expanse of a course, is a great opportunity to stay fit and healthy. Your health and wellbeing stands to benefit a lot if you play golf for fitness.,Playing golf is an ideal exercise program for those who want to stay fit but can’t engage in high-impact exercises like running or dancing. While golf carts are available for use in most courses, you gain the most if you walk from one hole to the next in your golf for fitness regimen. Walking with a caddy carrying your bag for you will help you burn around a thousand calories in a single round of play that can last anywhere from four to six hours. Bringing your own bag can add to the resistance and make you burn more.,The act of swinging a golf club to hit a ball is both an art and a science that needs to be worked on. It needs constant practice to perfect. Before you can play decent golf, you need to develop a strong core since how far you are able to drive the ball from the tee box into the fairway all depend to a large extent on well-developed abdominal, back and pelvic muscles. What’s more, you also need to engage in flexibility exercises if you want a wider range of motion for your swings.,Thus, golf for fitness does not only mean playing the game itself, but on the workouts that you need to do out of the course to prime your body for that hole-in-one. Golfers routinely engage in resistance training and core stability exercises to strengthen the muscle groups needed for that perfect golf swing. To improve flexibility and range of motion, recreational and competitive golfers also engage in Yoga, Pilates and other forms of flexibility training,,There is no better place to do a workout than in the wide and picturesque greens of a golf course. The water hazards and sand bunkers which can really be a pain if you get your ball in them, are otherwise relaxing to look at. The fresh air of a golf course gives your lungs that much-needed space to breathe in fresh air as you walk and play. And if you are so inclined and have the money for it, you can always take a golfing vacation in any of the premier golf resorts that dot the country.,If you want to engage in golf for fitness, start by getting good golf instruction. Any public or private golf course nearest you will have a pro who can give you private classes on a per hour basis. This might be a bit expensive at the start, but consider it an investment into getting the correct form and technique that will make every golfing experience you will have enjoyable and engaging. With golf, you become hooked to fitness.

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