Getting the Good Match Bra

If someone asked you your bra size can you tell them? If the answer is no then it is well worth having yourself fitted as many of us wear the wrong bra size. To get the perfect fit bra you simply must get yourself measured by the experts and it is absolutely free at many department stores. I have been fitted for bras on three occasions, during and post pregnancy at Marks and Spencer and Mother Care and most recently at Bravissimo.,Book an appointment

Since my last fitting 3 years ago, I’m happy to report that many more women are getting themselves fitted as on the two occasions I walked in to get myself fitted there was a queue for bra fitting. Weekends are the busiest periods and it is best to make an appointment to avoid disappointment. You could wait but I really did not care to hang around. Thus it is practical to book an appointment to avoid having to wait. During the week they say it is a walk in system but do not walk in when it is the school holidays as it is just as bad as a Saturday. So the best thing is to make an appointment whatever the day of the week you intend to go.,I did go on the half term holiday and there were a couple of ladies before me but since I was hanging around in the Mall I was able to make an appointment for an hour and a half later. So finally I had my fitting. Well worth the wait though as I came out with two great fitting bras. I’m convinced bras are not something to buy in a sale unless you are absolutely certain of your size and fit.,Sexy bras for big boobed women

My last fitting was particularly interesting as this store specialized in bras for big boobed women and had the sexiest selection of lingerie in size DD, E, F etc. In the past when I used the conventional department stores they sometimes did not have my cup size in stock or available in certain bras and had to order them in. More than bras, there were sexy lingerie sets, swimsuits and strappy tops with internal bras that really offered the support big boobed women needed. I have found that the conventional strappy tops with internal elasticated bras never offered the kind of support I needed for my breast size.,You know a bra is fitting well and giving the proper support when the:,Back of the bra fits firmly across the back without riding upwards as you move around

Shoulder straps are not digging into your skin.

Centre front of the bra is lying flat against the body

Underwires lie or fit directly under the breast without digging into the breast tissue at the underarm.,No need to be shy

Some people, myself included, find bar fitting an intimidating experience especially if you are conscious of being out of shape after two kids. But while I was fixating on my shape the salesperson was fixated on the bra and did her utmost to put me at ease. So it was a rather pleasant experience.,Now I wear my clothes with more confidence knowing that I am well supported and some of my clothes even fit better since I’m wearing a good supporting bra. But most of all I feel sexy on the inside as I am wearing sexy lingerie.

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