Golf Health Coaching Aids Enhance Golf Drive Distance

I’ve always said, your body swings the club, so fix it, to have more power and distance. Golf fitness training aids are now coming onto the golf improvement scene. Golfers should take notice, as some of them are very good. The more specific you can get to your swing mechanics and motion, the better when it comes to aids. When you can replicate the athletic movement with resistance you can speed up your results. We call that sport-specific training.,Fitness professionals are now utilizing training devices, tools and gadgets with their golf clients. As a trainer, the more you can bring to the table in your sessions, the longer you will have that client, and they will see results. Personal trainers who specialize in golf exercises and stretching should be incorporating swing aids that improve strength and flexibility. One of the quickest ways to add power, and reduce injuries is strengthening and stretching the body with specific movements, similar to, if not exactly the same as the golf swing.,In the gym, I’ll see golfers attempting to do golf swing movements, but most of the times they are actually risking injury, as they are not doing it correctly. That’s where a fitness professional who has a background in golf, can use devices in the gym to safely improve the golfers drive distance, consistency, and eliminate overuse injuries.,So next time you hear the term fitness, don’t run…actually pay attention and maybe you’ll be able to apply something to your game that will make a difference. For years I’ve been writing articles like these stating the importance of working out specific to golf, but the majority of golfers won’t do it. I don’t know if they are in denial or what, but maybe it’s just they are too lazy to exercise for a whopping 10-15 minutes a day in the comfort of their home. Go figure!,If you’re not happy with how far you drive the golf ball, or maybe you’re in pain, I want you to start having a mindset of fitness as part of your golf improvement, training program. Not grueling, agonizing workouts, but fun, golf-specific training that will give you nearly instant results if you’re consistent with it. You only get out if it, what you put into it.,I really want you to realize it’s only a few minutes a day, in your home to longer golf drives, and a healthier body for years to come.

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