Golf Health Gear to Set Up a Residence Fitness center in Any Area

With economic times a little more difficult as well as always trying to find more hours in a day, many are looking to improve their golf fitness in an inexpensive home gym. If you do not have the extra bedroom in your house to dedicate to a home gym, do not worry. The golf fitness equipment that you will need to stay fit will not take up hardly any space at all.,Here is what you need to have a complete home golf gym that will keep you in shape to shoot low scores:,Golf Fitness Equipment – Core Balance Ball

A piece of golf fitness equipment that you cannot go without is a core stability ball. Through all of the research done using newer technology, golf fitness experts have learned just how important training of the core muscles is to having a repeatable golf swing. You can use the stability ball for improving your strength or flexibility in any part of your body. Using the golf specific exercises with a core balance ball also known as a Swiss ball will strengthen the core of your body and allow you to hit longer and straighter golf shots.,Golf Fitness Equipment – Golf Exercise Resistance Cords

Although it does not seem like it when you first look at them, you can really get a great workout and improve your strength with resistance bands. You can strengthen all of the important golf muscles such as your hips, torso, back, rotator cuffs, shoulder and chest with a resistance exercise band. This piece of golf fitness equipment usually comes with three resistance bands of varying tension levels to always challenge you. An added benefit to using resistance bands is that you can exercise anywhere as the golf exercise resistance cords are compact and easy to store at home or take on the road as you travel.,Golf Fitness Equipment – Balance Disks

Balance disks when used with resistance cords and balance balls will further increase the intensity of the exercise. Adding balance disks to your current workout routine can tone and strengthen core muscles, help posture, improve balance and joint stabilization. You can even use the balance disks by themselves and attempt to make your golf swing with them while staying in balance. Even by making movements in slow motion, the balance disks can help you to increase your distance and accuracy.,Golf Fitness Equipment – The Road

Obliviously, you will need a cardio portion to your workout. This is the most inexpensive piece of your home gym as it is right outside your door! Whether you are at a level of walking or running, one of the benefits of this part of your home gym is that it is always changing with the weather and the seasons. You will need to check with your doctor before beginning any program but there are many great ways to improve your fitness levels as well as relieve stress,As you can now see, using these pieces of golf fitness equipment to get your home gym set up will not take up much room at all. So whether you have a dedicated room or you live in an apartment, you can inexpensively set up your own home gym to improve your overall fitness and shoot lower scores to boot!

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