Health For the Lazy Man – 7 Areas You Must Deal with

Are you one of those guys who works your biceps by raising a beer to your mouth? Do you get your abdominal workout every time you turn over on the couch? Do you channel surf every few minutes just to keep your vise-like hand grip in tip-top shape?,If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you’re part of a elite group of human males who we call “lazy” — at least in the area of fitness.,7 Areas That the “Fitness Lazy” Guy Must Address,And I’ve identified 7 areas you’ll need to address if you ever want to leave that elite group (I know it’s hard to imagine why anyone would consider doing that) to move beyond lazy to fit.,1. Lack of Interest — For many of us, exercise lacks a fundamental stimulus to trigger that natural, human innate desire and interest that motivates us to take on a wholly worthwhile and psychologically satisfying endeavor. Stated more simply, EXERCISE IS BORING. In fact at times it’s more mind-numbing than watching water evaporate.,2. Competing Interests — You may be the kind of guy who wouldn’t be so fitness lazy if you didn’t have so many other worthwhile interests competing for your time. With exercise so “high on the fun scale”, it’s hard to tear yourself away from other things to actually choose to exercise.,3. Lack of Time — Closely related to the previous item, this area is a symptom of someone doing so many things that exercise rarely or ever makes it on the radar screen of our lives. We’d like it to be, but it seems to be Missing In Action.,4. Lack of Direction — Some people who seem to be lazy actually just lack a specific plan. This makes getting started on a path to fitness a bewildering journey, because they just can’t see a clear path to get started on. Further, even if they find a path, without a specific plan, the path seems to lead to nowhere.,5. Goals Too High — How many times have you started doing something with great anticipation? You had high hopes. The sky was the limit. Unfortunately, your goals were too high, so you couldn’t reach them. And then discouragement became a very low ceiling that led you straight to failure. And now you fear failure, so you don’t even want to try. This area is my biggest challenge.,6. Mild Depression — I’m convinced that many people who have areas of laziness may actually suffer from mild depression. Depression saps energy and makes challenging areas of life more difficult to deal with than they really should be.,7. Lack of Motivation — While this cause of “laziness” can occur by itself, it is often a major component in the other 6 areas mentioned above. Therefore addressing this one area can go a long way in getting more fit.,Take Action — Get Fit,As you’ve read through these 7 areas, hopefully you’ve recognized 1 or more of them that apply to you and your specific situation. So now what?,By identifying those areas that cause your fitness laziness, you can now think about ways to overcome your unique set of challenges.,For example, if overly high goals have been a problem for you in the past, commit yourself to setting more achievable goals. And as you attain one goal, remind yourself to control your excitement and keep your sights moderate as you set your next goal.,If exercises bore you to tears, think of ways to make them more tolerable (or even something you look forward to). Perhaps you can exercise with a buddy. Or you can integrate exercise into other more enjoyable activities. Or maybe reward yourself with something you want once your reach a certain milestone (maybe you might buy yourself an island in the South Pacific once you are able to do 700 pushups in 17 seconds with 1 hand tied behind your back while a 1 ton gorilla shoves hot peppers down your throat).,When you have challenges that block your progress (or even your attempts to get started), you must take bold action — especially if you are fitness lazy. First identify the area or areas that are most likely to stand in your way. Next come up with ideas to overcome those areas. Finally put your ideas into action and get your body started down the path to a more fit YOU.,Assess where you are today. Take specific action. Go from lazy to fit.

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