Health: Making the Proper Modifications

Did you just make the decision to change and transform your life for the better by starting a fitness program. Perhaps you even signed up with a local gym or club and have attended sessions there and were off to a great start, perhaps you have seen your attendance start to diminish and you are going there less and less. In fact you might be back right to where you started.,”the key to motivation is understanding what your motives truly are”,There are sustainable motives for change and unsustainable motives for change and until you take stock of this you are in a world of trouble. If your motive for fitness training does not have anything to do with changing your lifestyle but rather is mere cosmetics and concerned merely with appearance or looking as good as she does then you are in a world of hurt. Once you start your fitness program and you start realizing you are not going to look as good as she looks in the next few weeks, then the motivation to continue diminishes and you start to slack off until finally you realize you are not going to look like she does at all and you simple quit.,It is important for any one who is new to fitness training to take into account their motivation and the reasons for which they have embarked on this incredible journey. It is important you realize that if your motives are based on projections on people outside of you then you are going to have a difficult time achieving what you want to achieve. If for instance you are doing this for your spouse then please contact me when you feel you have succeeded I would like to know how your experience was cause I can tell you right now its going to be a long journey for you. It is difficult to please people and it is difficult to sustain that as a goal because people’s change with time and if your motives are to please people you are in for it. It’s a tough road that one and as whoever you are trying to please desires change so must you. Good luck on that one.,Transformation only comes by admission that YOU need it not for someone else but YOU need it for YOURSELF.,Admitting that you need to transform you for You and that the admission itself was a great way to your training regiment that is true, that being said though, we need to look at the great battle that goes on in your mind as the next in succeeding in your regiment. A great book that was written a long time ago put it this way “as a human being thinks so are they” you are the product of your thoughts. We cannot undermine the importance of the human psyche in developing a fitness that is successful. If your mind is occupied constantly by thoughts of your inability to do this or do that, then in effect you will reproduce the same failures in reality.,We need to start thinking constantly and consciously in terms of I can succeed, I can do this regiment, I am able to fulfill my obligations on this training. As long as you are constantly preoccupied with your past failures and your mind cannot see beyond your present state then its going to be harder to convince your body that change is imminent. The body feeds of the signals given it by the mind and therefore if you consciously are always doubting yourself then you can expect your body to treat each task the same way too. Same is true with change, you have to be thinking about change to effect change you cannot just change out of the blue, you must have consciously thought about it to get it done in your life. So start thinking fitness training, start thinking about your successes in your regiment and the victories over your dieting program and yes you will see those thoughts manifest themselves and begin to foster change in your life and training.

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