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One thing Americans seem to forget about the fitness health clubs we are members of or we are considering to join is that they are businesses as just like any others: they have to make a profit from you. I’m not writing this article to dismiss fitness health clubs; in fact, I’m encouraging you to get into one if you are stuck in a weight loss rut. All I’m trying to ensure you understand is that weight loss does not have to cost you so much in terms of money.,Losing weight drastically using any other means is dangerous. Like crack addicts you will suffer from withdrawal symptoms and you will be more likely to jump right back into bad eating habits and regain the weight. In an effort to get away from the “I want it here and now” American attitude, these fitness health clubs have ensured that its members have reached their weight loss or gain goals safely over a long period of time, rather than use the shortcuts. So, don’t expect to join one of these fitness health clubs and lose weight immediately. Don’t look at the glossy advertisements that the fitness health clubs have or the equipments that they have. Look at the services they offer. If they offer the basic services and have decent equipment, you have more than enough to ensure you have lost the weight.,First of all make sure the fitness health club is in a location that you can access easily. Traveling to a far gym may demoralize you in the end. From the beginning of your exercise routine, you only need fifteen minutes to half an hour of exercises daily to meet your long term weight loss goals. Upon joining the club you can sign an annual membership contract or a monthly contract. I advise that you think of the latter more than the former since you might want to quit before the end of the year. There are some packages that you might be attracted to before you start your membership, I advise that you settle in first and figure out if you need them before you go for them.,Fitness health clubs should have qualified instructors who will make sure you get the best service. More than three quarters of your weight loss effort will come from you and not the gym instructor. If you try and incorporate some of these exercise routines in your daily schedules so that you don’t have to make the trip to the gym every single day, you will save time and lots of money. Invest in some few weights or a skip rope and make sure you do some exercises at home. Once you have a diet plan, you can follow up with the dietician in your gym once a week. If she has an email, the better; you can call her up and ask for further instruction. There is so much the fitness health clubs can do for you in your effort to lose weight and you don’t need to break your finances in order to do that.

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