How the Nintendo Wii Health Sport Console Works

Wii Fit, an interactive exercise video game, is a groundbreaking product from Nintendo. It combines the fun of playing a video game with the goodness of exercising, which will help you stay fit, correct your posture, shed weight and improve balance. Below I have discussed how Wii fitness game works.,Wii balance board,Wii Fit comes with a Wii balance board, which may look like a weighing scale but is way more sophisticated than that. When you start playing Wii Fit, you need to stand on it in different postures in order for the board to read your body mass index, your center of balance and assign you a virtual age based on your fitness.,Body test,Wii balance board performs a body test each time you play it. This makes it super-easy to keep track of the progress of all participants of the game. The body test results will determine which exercise regime you should follow. For example, after your balance center test, Wii Fit may display that your balance center is to the right and you choose exercises accordingly.,Exercise program,There are four types of exercise programs that Wii fitness will suggest you, which are yoga, balance games, strength trainings, and aerobics. Wii Fit also allows you to add your other exercise programs to its fitness tracking record.,Game plan,The exercising itself is the game that you need to play on Wii Fit. In every video game, there are three components: a challenge, a participator, some tools to help you overcome the challenge and bonus points for each successful move.,Here the challenge is to shed weight, be fitter, shift your balance exactly to the body center and have a good posture. The people who are using it are the participators, such as, you, your parents or your kids. Wii fitness game will make a caricature of all players and show relative scores. The tools that will help you are the interactive instructions and exercise regimes of Wii balance board while the bonus points will be more exercises and games that will be unlocked if you score good points.

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