How To Order Steel Ferrules And Hose Fittings

If you’re a manufacturer of hose products or equipment that makes use of hoses, you’ll most likely be required, sooner or later, to contemplate your hose couplings and metal ferrules. Purchase of even the very best quality hose or tubing will be wasted if the hose ferrules are badly chosen or simply insufficient.,* Exactly what is a ferrule?,A ferrule can refer to numerous different things across numerous different contexts, but in relation to hose fittings, a metal ferrule is a sleeve or cap that’s utilized to attach a coupling to a hose,* Precisely what is a coupling?,A coupling, as the name suggests, is a fitting which allows a hose to be connected either to another hose, or some sort of spigot. There are also expansion hose fittings which effectively enable a hose of one diameter to couple with a hose of a larger diameter.,How do ferrules and couplings work?,The hose coupling has a stem, (usually barbed) which is designed to fit snugly inside the hose. The ferrule is positioned on the end of the hose, and the coupling is pressed into the same end of the hose. The ferrule is then squeezed or ” crimped” in order to fasten the hose around the stem.,* How are ferrules and couplings sized?,When placing an order for a ferrule, the essential measurements are: interior diameter (measured to slip over the end of the hose for which the ferrule is intended), length, and the size of the hole at the end of the ferule (this hole must be big enough to take the stem coupling). With regards to couplings the things to consider are the outer diameter of the stem (it must be able to slide into the hose), and the length of the stem. The length of the stem must match the length of the ferrule.,* Material composition,The several applications for which metal ferrules and hose fittings are used call for different overall performance characteristic and as a result different material composition. Popular materials are aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. Steel with zinc or nickel plating is also a possibility. For those uses where the hose is designed to deliver drinking water, brass which is lead free is a must.,If you have further questions regarding metal ferrules and hose fittings you have but to go online and look for qualified manufactures. There is a great deal of superb information available and what questions you cannot immediately resolve can be, undoubtedly, answered by a knowledgeable manufacturer and supplier.

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