Is Dwelling A Match And Wholesome Life A Dream?

As kids, we start our days full of energy and we look forward to enjoying every single minute of every hour. We devour all the treats and delights of Grandma’s favorite recipes. We are always on the go, on the move: running, jumping around, climbing, chasing one another. Our metabolism functions at its best and we burn those calorie intakes in no time. Life energy flows through our veins. We feel great. We’re on top of the world. We are unstoppable.,Most of us go through adolescence wishing to add a few extra pounds to our absolutely fit and super-shaped body. We start nonchalantly hitting the gym under the false pretext to ‘gain weight’ and add muscle to our skinny body. We still eat all the good food and dieting is the last thing on our mind.,A few years later, some of us will start college life or other trades, and soon we will be facing some life challenges. Then we become busier. We prioritize some things over other things. The new lifestyle starts taking its course. We face new responsibilities. We become adult-like. Our life is buried into our career and our family. We have very little time to take care of ourselves. We eat in a fast and hurry pace whatever food is the easiest and the fastest. We become less active.,A newcomer named Stress starts crawling into our daily life. Our metabolism naturally starts slowing down in direct relation to stressful living. We have less and less energy to go about our day. And it shows in our body in the form of love handles, a beer or pot belly, man’s boobs, a sluggish body, etc… Life still gets busy and we get caught up in a vicious cycle and become more and more depressed everyday.,Some of us will flex our weak decision making muscles and try yet another diet program just to see ourselves, a few days or weeks later, rolling down the same old roads, speeding up the wrong way at 100 miles per hour.,If you’ve been down this road, you know that it doesn’t come pain free. We suffer the humiliation of a shameful and disease-prone body. We lose all sense of self-esteem and our confidence hits rock bottom. We feel lost. We have no other choice but to detour, to change path, direction; To find our way back once again. But how do we reclaim our Fitness Life? How do we get back to our ideal body shape, how does life get to be enjoyable again?,First we have to be honest with ourselves. Ask ourselves: Is living 40, 80,120 pounds overweight really living? Do we take responsibility for our lack of discipline? Are we ready for some changes? All it takes is to make a decision to start Living. Of course, losing weight is not painless. It takes determination. Nonetheless, when the going gets tough, we need to remember why we “suffer”, why we must resist the temptation of overeating, of emotional eating, of that extra scoop of our favorite ice cream. Making some simple life adjustment, changing some of our eating habits will have a crucial and positive impact in our weight management goal. We need to educate ourselves in that regard and make some effective changes in the pursuit of our fitness goal.,It’s attainable. It is doable. A healthy life is ours for the taking.We just need to combine our new eating habits with some reasonable physical activities and stick to it. We can and will do it because our life (and our kids life) depends on it. So be more active and proactive. Add quality foods to our diet. Find some physical exercises that you like and engage in performing them everyday. A day without exercises should be like a day without food. Feed those hungry muscles everyday – with exercises, that is. Go for a walk in the park. Boost your fiber intake. Cut down on high fat calorie foods. Stay hydrated by drinking half your weight in ounces of water everyday. Share a meal, share an exercise you enjoy with a partner. Dance to your favorite music. Spice up your sex life!,Losing weight takes time, so be patient and don’t ever forget why you’re doing it: you’re doing it for yourself and for those whom love you. Also remember, it’s a journey. Not a sprint but a marathon. You will get to the finish line thinner, healthier. You can do it! You can live the good life!

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