It is House Saving and Trendy, However Fitted Lavatory Furnishings Would not Need to Have a Foolish Value Tag

A bathroom should be a space in which you can prepare for the day ahead or unwind from the day you’ve had without feeling hemmed in: if your bathroom is bedlam, you might want to think about bringing some order to the space by installing fitted bathroom furniture. Coordinated and integrated, fitted bathroom furniture will bring decorative harmony to your bathroom while equipping you with ample storage space for all your odds and ends.,And it may not be as expensive as you think. If you’re prepared to shop around, taking advantage of in store sales and online deals, fitted units can be bought relatively cheaply. Don’t try and save money by skimping on quality: you’ll be using the bathroom every day and the strain will soon show if your bathroom furniture isn’t well made. Instead choose a basic design in a standard finish, such a plain gloss white. With simple mirrored cabinets available for around £25; and vanity units incorporating a basin and WC for around £200, you’ll find that by picking a plain design in a standard finish you can mix and match from different stores, buy from second hand outlets, or customise standard items to achieve the look you want while avoiding clashing textures or shades.,Then let your imagination run wild as you add personal decorative touches to create a unique finished product. Bathroom paint is available in a wide variety of shades and is a relatively cheap way of covering your walls, so personalise your space with bright colours or soothing pastels, then add accessories such as framed prints, a large floor standing vase, or a decorative rug. You could find you’re pleasantly surprised by the results.,Remember that the biggest cost of fitting bathroom furniture is generally plumbing. If you can retain the position of your old bathroom fittings, your new bathroom furniture will be far less expensive to install. If you’re an experienced DIYer and adjustments to plumbing will be minimal, you could consider doing the work yourself. If you have doubts, however, remember that hiring a professional to get it right first time is always cheaper than paying later to rectify any mistakes: get a number of quotes and haggle over price, but make sure you hire a tradesman you trust. To save money, you can be your own project manager, do the simple but time-consuming jobs (such as removing old wallpaper or tiles) yourself, and rope in friends and family to help as you rip out the old fittings. When it comes to electricity, though, please don’t attempt to do it yourself: wiring in a new electric shower, for example, is always a job for a qualified electrician.

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