Lose Weight and Keep Match With a New Innovated Idea

Most people who are interested in health and fitness are talking about “getting in shape” and “be fit”, but I don’t think that their words are telling the exact meaning they need to express. Every day you hear “I want to get in shape and lose weight” or “I need to be fit and burn fat”, but are these the right words or the true phrases to express this situation? Or the right words are “I want to get in shape, lose weight and burn fat and STAY THAT WAY”…,All of us want to stay fit, but our minds don’t think that way, they concentrate on the near goal, the problem that we are suffering from at this point. But we forget or put the true problem or the big picture of the problem in the shade till we reach the near goal. And this type of narrow thinking despite it is the Prevailing one, makes us more susceptible to the fad diets and weird exercise gimmick on the market. Also we will do almost any thing no matter how difficult or silly it is to accomplish our goal, as we are over focused on the short goal.,You had to make a simple twist on how you look to this mutter, and how you will think about it. A simple change of this “quick fix” mindset, to make it broader to include your whole life. This type of mindset not only will makes you focus more on doing right things most of the time, but also it will help you to burn fat and lose weight more.,Let me give you an example that will clear all of this – what will impress you more, a guy who is in shape in his sixties, or another fit one in his twenties or thirties? I think it is obvious; the one who could stay all his life in shape and fit is the most impressive. The one who can maintains his fitness, and dedicates himself for a good exercise and balanced diet thought all his life is very rare to find these days, which makes him the most impressive. And that is a rare mindset – although it is the right one – which makes him reach there.,After all this introduction, if you really want to be in shape and fit for life, you had to think for it like this “FOR LIFE”, that is how it will start, a lifestyle, a habit, an every day activity. From here I started to understand how people who are lean for life stay in shape, their minds are thinking about this all the time, not in an obsessive way, but they monitor every thing they are doing and see if it will give them a positive or a negative effect on their long term fitness and health. Their minds with that mindset always focus on how to burn fat and lose the excess weight with every thing they do, not only eating, as their minds are set for a life time goal. By the way all that is done in their minds without any effort as it is a concept and life style not a short goal which you force your self to achieve.,So it is a matter of living a new life style with a new concept while changing your mindset. It sounds difficult, doesn’t it? But on the contrary it is very simple. I’ll give you an example to follow so you can reach the life time goal and lose more weight; it is so easy beyond your imagination. Developing good habits, this is the key for success. You can’t be on a difficult diet for all life, but you can eat healthy delicious food all of your life, the hard diet may burn fat more but on the long term the healthy delicious food will win. You see, it is easy, so all you had to do is to develop some good habits to aid you to live your life in shape and healthy. Try to make some time for exercise, first choose the exercises that you like most, as we said we are developing habits not trying to lose weight fast, it is our long term goal, it is our new mindset. Also try to think of what you are eating, try to make it as healthy as it could be. No fast food, I know it could be delicious, nice, finger licking, but it will affect you in a bad way. So try to reduce it to the minimum, or change the type of fast food, try some thing healthy instead, what about some fresh juice, fresh fruits, any thing grilled, or what ever is healthy around.,After a month or less, your body by the influence of your mind thinking the new mindset, will ask for this healthy life style. Yes, it is a mind trick, and it really works. You will see that you are no longer attracted to unhealthy habits, but you are in the way of good healthy habits, burning more fat, and losing much weight, living your life healthy and in the best shape you had ever imagined. That is not for now or for 1 year, but think about that for life, being in shape, healthy, losing weight for all of your life. This simple mind trick will let you live the life as it should be.

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