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I made a resolution this year, after years and years of backsliding that I was going to be healthier. For this reason I was going to dump all my bad eating habits and all the more, I was going to observe a realistic time line. Unlike what I did in the past where I decided to eat healthy and went back to my unhealthy ways in less than a month of making the resolutions. Why I decided this does not matter but all women that have hit the big 40 can give you a myriad of reasons why they want to cut down and look better. My reasons for doing this are absolute madness to some other people but it makes sense to me.,I want to look half my age if that is possible. I will not be able to hide under a coat of make up for very long if the rest of my body is saying a different story. The other reason is a more serous one. At 40 all people’s metabolism slows down and sooner or later everything will go down for the winter if you know what I mean. The elasticity and bounciness of the skin that comes with youth begins to vanish and since no one will run away from being 40, I want my aging to take the slowest pace possible. I will take you through my journey, and hopefully it will give you that push to do the same thing.,Like I said, this was one of my new year’s resolutions. I decided that for the first time in my life I was going to do something for me. It took me a whole week of self talk to assure myself that I was not being selfish. Look at it this way; for years, your life has not been your own. You have had kids, a husband and a career all of which you have been waiting on hand and foot at the expense of yourself. Being fit and healthy will ensure that you are there to see your kids mature and not be confused for their grandmother. I joined a club fitness gym to make sure I was starting on the correct path and not expecting too much over a short period of time.,It was hard at first but then again I reminded myself everyday that the beneficiary was me and if I stopped the loser would be me. At the club fitness gym I have been instructed by professionals at how I was going to include some of the simple exercise routines in my daily life and increase the intensity month after month. I perform some aerobics at home ad I have discovered a new love; dancing, which is giving me quite an amused audience at home. Club fitness gym instructors have also made sure I have a meal plan and I’m happy to say that in the month of January alone I have shed some five pounds, which means one pound per week! I did not believe it was that easy to lose five pounds. Being mentally prepared to do all you have to do is important before you join any club fitness gym.

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