Mind Health – The Uber Aggressive Benefit

A competitive advantage is by definition a strategically unique characteristic or attribute, difficult to achieve and copy, providing the organization having it an edge over its rivals. In an open and free market, a competitive advantage is the heart of success in business, the heart of winning.,That is why organizations work every day, to achieve the objective of creating strong competitive advantages towards a sustainable business growth. This is harder than it seems. Most improvements and developments are a temporary advantage, easily or quickly reapplied by the competitors.,There are countless attributes to be considered as sustainable advantages. Those can range from the resources available to an organization, the location, the available technology and know-how, the list would be too long. But at one point in time, all competitive advantages converge to a single aspect: the people.,It is the people, the employees of an organization, the real asset who will create and sustain the business model and advantages of their organization. They are the only ones who can make the difference, and the only ones a company can rely on to keep its edge.,What is the best way to have the people as a continuous competitive advantage over the competition? There can be no single or simple answer to this question. Companies around the world work every day to recruit the best, train and coach them, create business systems to allow them to perform better, to create a higher value.,But one forgotten aspect can make the whole difference: to help each employee become better at what they do, by developing the capacity from within – by creating the conditions to think faster, improve focus and memory, planning abilities, the capacity to perform multitasking and divide attention. Any organization excelling in these areas is far more likely to outperform the competition, and this is a unique ability as it depends on their own people, who cannot and will never be copied. Is this possible?,This is where Brain Fitness appears as the ultimate competitive advantage for an organization. By training and enhancing the cognitive abilities of an individual, a Brain Fitness program is the single best performance and productivity advantage an organization can have. All the other training programs already available within a company will remain necessary to improve the employees’ soft and technical skills, but nothing will have a bigger impact then to increase the brain capacity to do better and more than before.,By itself, joining a Brain Fitness program is a key strategic choice – for the individual and for the organization. It is indeed, the Uber Competitive Advantage.

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