MMA Health: The three Finest Methods To Construct Momentum For Quicker Outcomes Than You Ever Thought Potential

Whether your goal is to win a championship in the cage, or shed some pounds and feel amazing using MMA fitness training, the following 3 principles are the most important I’ve ever learned for building a huge amount of positive momentum and achieving goals faster than you ever thought possible.,1. Model the best.,Fighting hurts. Learning to fight hurts even more. MMA fighters have a motto: model the best and you get hurt less. If you want to improve rapidly, study the very best exclusively from the start. Carefully watch fights of your favorite fighters, or watch someone with a physique you would like to have workout. Not only study what they do, but much more importantly, actually imagine being them. How would you think? What would you see, smell, or hear? How would you feel? This may sound very strange, especially how we are taught to learn in school (very logically). But see, fighting and fitness are not logical skills. They are physical skills. Studies have shown that human beings learn physical skills fastest by intuition (watching others before practicing), NOT by textbook logic or rationalization.,Next time before you spar, watch Anderson Silva for a half hour and practice the visualization technique I described above. It may sound crazy, but imagine stepping into his body and being him. If you want to build strength in your weight lifts, YouTube the best weight lifters in the world. If you want to shed fat, watch and visualize a ripped athlete perform a fat burning MMA workout. For the next 30 days, before you practice a skill or work out, visualize and model someone who already has the results you’re after. I guarantee you will be shocked at the momentum you are able to build in a very short amount of time by harnessing this MMA learning secret.,2. Set the criteria for success extremely low.,Just getting to the gym is reason to celebrate my friends. Feel good and applaud yourself for being one of the few that can consistently make it to the gym! Celebrate the second you set foot in the door, and the quality of your workout will miraculously improve. The key for this concept to really work is to make it your ONLY measurement for success. This means you must…,3. Let go of the outcome.,By making getting to the gym your one and only criteria for success and celebrating this the whole time no matter what happens during your workout, something miraculous happens: anxiety, cluttered thoughts, worries, and perfectionism disappear. There is no pressure. You’re already a success for being here, all there is to do is enjoy the rest of the process. This is an ancient eastern philosophical concept that works as well today as it has for thousands of years. In order for it to work though, you must effortlessly let go of caring about what happens after you’re at the gym.,It doesn’t matter if you get submitted a lot during grappling, fail to improve one of your lifts, or run a little bit less on the treadmill: there is absolutely NO possibility of failure because you are here at the gym. The reason this works so well for building momentum, is that it takes any focus you might have on the future and places it in the present moment: the only place where you can really focus, and the only place where true improvement ever occurs.,Human beings have the ability to rationalize, but make no mistake, we are primarily emotionally driven creatures. If it doesn’t feel good, we don’t want to do it, and if we do it anyways while struggling against negative emotions, we will be expending a ton of energy and willpower for a fraction of the results. The idea of momentum is to condition and associate great feelings: pride, excitement, anticipation, appreciation, flow, and enjoyment with our workouts at the gym. With this kind of momentum driving your behavior, very little willpower is required and your results skyrocket exponentially. As psychologists have proven over and over again, positive reinforcement yields phenomenal results. Don’t take my word for it. Try this for 30 days.

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