Quantum Physics + Crystals + Runes + Radionics = Safety

Quantum Physics and Safety

As soon as upon a time, not too way back, we solely wanted bodily safety from robbers, thieves, muggers and so forth. A very good useless bolt on a robust door with a giant canine sleeping on the ground was all we would have liked.

Now the intrusions, the risks that come into our houses should not bodily; they arrive silently by the air.

This contemporary digital age has created a lethal monster known as D.O.R. (lethal Orgone). Wilhelm Reich coined this phrase when he labored on creating Orgone (Life – drive) over the deserts to create rain. He known as good life-force, pure life – drive, Orgone.

Orgone known as Chi, Elan Very important, Prana, Galama and so forth. It’s the power that retains each factor alive and shifting on the planet.

DOR, or lethal Orgone is artificial air pollution. It is rather detrimental to the well being of all Natural life on the Planet.

It inundates your house, by coming proper by your partitions. It inundates each cell of your physique, inflicting sickness and dis-ease, by busting proper by your protecting Aura.

DOR enters your house and physique through the TV; the pc; the microwave oven; energy traces; harp towers; and cell telephones all give off dangerous vibrations.

The world is so stuffed with Anger, Hate, Intercourse, and Greed they too inundate your house. Damaging feelings are man-made DOR.

The nice new is that you could free your house from DOR and block it from coming in. You should use the trendy instruments of Quantum Physics and the Legal guidelines of Radionics mixed with the traditional Sciences of Runes and Crystals to dam DOR.

Let’s first outline our phrases after which construct us a easy Radionics Matrix to make use of to dam DOR.

The Legal guidelines of Quantum Physics inform us that there exists an infinite ocean of pondering, clever power known as the Quantum Ocean, Thoughts of God. It responds to our ideas and our symbols.

Crystals are as outdated because the planet. They’re power sources of Good Prana and may be programed with a thought or a want and used as an influence supply for a easy radionics matirx.

Runes are common inventive energies that exist within the Quantum Ocean and reply to bodily Runic symbols.

A Radionics System is an easy gadget tha takes your thought and/or want into the Quantum Ocean and attracts like power out of it.

You should buy a $5,000. digital gadget or you may make your personal for nearly nothing. A Radionics System has three working rules; an influence souce; a plate (house)
To your want and a plate (house) to your Goal.

Let’s construct a easy Radionics Matrix.

Take an 8 1/2 ” x 12″ piece of cardboard. Inscribe a 6″ circle within the center. Inscribe an equilateral triangle throughout the circle. Join the midpoints of the facilities of the three equal legs. You now have a sacred geometrical Matrix, drawn by you on cardboard. A cirle and 4 equilateral triangles. It should work in addition to the $5,000. digital gadget.

The Rune Thorn (Thurisaz) is the image for the common inventive power of Safety. It’s a defensive Rune and can defend your house, in addition to the thorn bushes round Sleeping Magnificence’s fort partitions protected her.

Place the Thorn Rune (make one should you would not have one. Draw it on paper.) Within the decrease left equilateral triangle. That is your Plate for you would like (safety).

Place the crystal within the higher equilateral triangle. It is vibrations will act as an influence supply.

In the appropriate hand decrease equilateral Triangle, place a photograph of your house. In the event you would not have one then write the complete deal with of your house and place it there.

Now, maintain your fingers over your Radionic Matrix. Take a deep breath and intone:

“I’m now attracting the protecting energies of the Rune Thorn out of the Quantum Ocean, Thoughts of God, into my Matrix the place it is going to encompass my dwelling with protecting power and block all destructive DOR energies NOW!”

This makes use of the science of psychological Radionics.

Put your Matrix away leaving the crystal, want and goal in place. Cover it from prying eyes.

Easy? The Legal guidelines of the Creator God are easy. Man complicates them.

How lengthy will safety take to manifest? All of it relies on how a lot DOR producing electronics you’ve gotten in an close to your house to dam the results of the Matrix.

BE PATIENT and shortly you’ll expertise the well-being {that a} DOR free dwelling produces.

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