Rent a Touring Private Coach – A Health Professional to Journey With You

One of the toughest challenges for high profile executives, traveling pro athletes and on-the-go celebrities is the constant challenge of sticking to their exercise and nutrition plan while traveling the world. A few of these people have been fortunate enough to find a high quality fitness professional to hit the road with them. But a qualified personal trainer who truly knows how to take your plan on the road is not only extremely hard to come by – they are very rare in the first place.,The truth is, most top professional trainers have a complete schedule of fitness training clients in their local area or town. So, it’s impossible for this type of local career trainer to just pick up and hit the road when a special, high level client comes along and asks if they can travel with them for weeks or months at at time.,And even if the pay is better than good, that trainer still has to consider the real possibility of not having any clients when they get back from the road trip. Because the clients still have personal fitness needs to be met – and health goals to reach. So, it’s highly likely they will want to hire another instructor when their primary trainer goes on the road for an extended amount of time.,This unlikely scenario would very rarely work out in the real world.,So, is there even such thing as a traveling personal trainer? Is it possible to find a true fitness pro to hit the road for special assignments?,There sure is. You just have to know where to look for then and what to expect in terms of being able to hire a high quality pro who can deliver the goods while on the road with you.,Here’s how to go about your undercover search for your traveling coach:,ONE: Try to get in touch with an up and coming fitness author. Be sure to interview him/her for compatibility,TWO: Approach a training center owner who may be able to be gone for several weeks at a time.,THREE: Get in touch with a fitness DVD personality who may have enough schedule flexibility to go on the road for extended fitness assignments. Be sure to interview for solid credentials – not just hype and glamour.,FOUR: If you find a trainer who fits your needs, then you may want to consider a long term relationship with that person, so you know you have yourself covered anytime you need to leave town. Just the piece of mind itself, in this type of arrangement, is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.,So, how much does a top notch traveling personal trainer cost?,You can expect to pay between $1,250 and $3,500 dollars (USA) per day for a bonafide trainer who knows how to work with clients on the road. And, it should be no surprise, you’ll also be expected to pay for all reasonable expenses for the trip, including the obvious ones: airfare, hotel accommodations and meals. Pretty straightforward.,Most training pros are not aware of this type of unique fitness service, let alone be approached to provide it. So, if you do choose to contact one, via a cold call – be sure to give them enough information so they don’t’ think you are pulling their leg or kidding around.,You should request references and do a bit of background checking on your prospective traveling fitness pro. This type of professional relationship is closer than with any other person you will work with – and there has to be a certain level of trust, open communication and mutual understanding – in addition to your two personalities being able to get along well.

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