Self Protection – MMA – Health – The Similar, However Totally different

When selecting a training program and facility it’s important to define your goals. Are you looking for fitness, sport application, or street self defense? In a world where physical and sexual assaults are continuously on the rise street self defense is growing in demand at a rapid pace. It important to understand that while the basics of any of these approaches overlap with each other the tactics, strategies, and training methods do not mix.,Ground fighting is a vital part of both street self defense as well as fitness and a fundamental corner stone of MMA, and can be used to expand any fitness program. In street self defense the goal is to acquire proficiency in ground fighting but to get back to your feet asap. Staying on the ground or going to the ground in the glass covered, rock embedded street is prescription for your attacker and his friends to kick your skull in with their size 12 cowboy boots. In MMA if you don’t have an extensive ground game you are doomed to being dominated by a more skilled opponent. Both have merit but very different goals and consequently different focuses on training.,Mixed weapon world, In the ring you must become a master of striking, kicking, knees, elbows and ground fighting. Its you vs one other guy or gal who wants to win just as much as you do! You are in a confined space with rules that you must adhere to at all times and a ref to maintain a fair fight or to stop the fight to protect you in case thing go dreadfully wrong. You must work hard on your technique and counters to everything under the sun. On the street your attackers are not concerned about fighting fair you train not only against all manner of strikes and kicks as well as attain a foundation in ground fighting but must also train vs multiple attackers, knives, sticks, guns and any manner of stress inducing conditions like low light, being attacked while sitting at a table or on a bus or plane. Their are no rules and fair fighting does not exist.,In Sport Fighting or MMA you focus on fundamental strikes and kicks often Tai Boxing, to train in other strikes would take away from your vital training time with these tools. On the street you use many of these same strikes as well as strikes and kicks to the groin, eyes, neck, throughout, knees, and use any object you can get your hands on to protect yourself and you loved ones. All of which are strictly forbidden in even the most extreme of sporting events.,In sport fighting you must train to be able to fight for extended lengths of time. Rounds can be from 3,5,10 or even 15 minutes in length. Any thing less and you will gas in a short period of time and all of your hard work and technique go out the door. On the street the majority of fights last only seconds but you must still train to be able to fight for extended periods of time so that you can fight hard and fast for as long as necessary to ensure your safety. With the threat of multiple attackers a fight even on the street can dramatically lengthen and on the street you don’t get a break between rounds.,Fighting for the Ring, Fitness, or Self Defense are all great but have fundamental differences. Define your goals and find the right program for you.

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