Senior Health: Do Nutritional vitamins Actually Work?

I’m a senior fitness advocate. I’ve done a lot of research on vitamin and mineral supplements for seniors. One thing that has been a real question in my mind is this: Why do some scientific studies show that vitamin pills make you healthy? – while other scientific studies that say that they just go down the drain — or even worse, that they are harmful? It’s amazing isn’t it? How, when you talk to some doctors, they say vitamin pills go right through you and others say they are wonderful.,Both answers are correct.. It all depends on how well absorbed the pills are. And not only how well they are absorbed, but where in the body are they absorbed.,Our grandparents got all the nourishment they needed from nature. Nutrition in plants comes from the soil they are grown in. Previous to the modern factory farms of today, crops were rotated so the soils recovered and the nutrients were replenished. Our soils today have become so depleted of nutrients due to the modern factory farming method of growing the same crops over and over on the same soil. Most doctors now agree, we must take supplements in order to make up for the lack of nutrients in our food. And to fight off all the toxins that are now in soils due to the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.,The right combination of vitamin and mineral supplements in the right delivery system will give you:,- More energy

– Reduce your risk for heart disease

– Reduce your risk of cancer and other diseases

– Help you to live a longer, healthier, and happier life.

– Fortify your immune system,So, what’s the right form for vitamin and mineral supplements to be in? and how do we know they’re right?:,For those of us who are interested in senior fitness. We need to know that the supplements we take are absorbed in the same way that they exist in food. The minerals have to get through the stomach and into the intestines and once there they must be absorbed into the wall of the intestine. However, minerals in a cheap form, get oxidized in the stomach just like an apple does after you slice it and leave it lying around for a while – that brown color is oxidation just like rust. The only way minerals can be absorbed is to be wrapped in a food in a way that is digested as food –or they go right through you.,In 2008, the US Patent Office issued a patent for a process using oligo fructose complex to deliver vitamin and minerals into the system. Oligo fructose is food. The patented process coats the mineral molecules so that they are absorbed as a food. These oligo fructose coated supplements have been shown to be 10 times more effective than the leading brands like Centrum, 1-A Day, Shakely, HerbalLife, etc.,In conclusion, because our soils are overworked and plants no longer impart the whole nutrition needed by our bodies, vitamin and mineral supplements must be taken to maintain good health. But they must be taken in a form that is a food. If they are not, they can be very dangerous. The patented process of binding oligo fructose complex to the mineral molecules allows the fullest and safest way to get the right nutrients into your system. Senior fitness can be obtain with the help of vitamin and mineral supplements, but there is a right way to get them, and a wrong way. Get vitamins and minerals that are wrapped in oligo fructose complex. Click on my link below and I’ll lead you to them.

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