Sleep Issues in Astrology

sleep is important for optimum well being and might have an effect on temper, weight and hormone ranges.

Sleeping issues and sleeping issues are frequent trendy grievance,together with insomnia, sleep deprivation, sleep apnea, loud night breathing and stressed legs syndrome. Sleep issues and issues are critical sufficient to intervene with regular bodily, psychological, social and emotional functioning.

A few of the most important causes for sleep issues are extreme fatigue, worry, anxiousness, heavy and wealthy meals, espresso, tea and others stimulants taken at night time, too scorching or noisy room.

A persistent sleep problem deserves cautious consideration and medical check-up.

Astrological elements accountable for sleep issues/issues are

twelfth home/lord -natural significator of sleep

4th home/lord-house of comforts

Moon -significator of thoughts/coronary heart/abdomen /mood-swings

Mercury -represents intelligence and mind nerves

Saturn -represents melancholy, obstruction and ailments

Astrological mixtures for sleep issues

1. Mercury governs mind nerves, Moon controls thoughts, coronary heart and abdomen. Jupiter guidelines over the liver and lungs. The elements of the physique which causes sleep issues are mind nerves, lungs and liver. Due to this fact these three planets are accountable for offering sound sleep.

2. Lord of twelfth home current in third/sixth/eighth signifies disturbed sleep.

3. Lord of third/sixth/twelfth home positioned in twelfth home signifies insufficient sleep.

4. If lord of ascendant/third home or the Moon is posited in twelfth home then the sleep is characterised by imprecise goals.

5. Presence of pure malefic like Saturn/Mars/ Solar/Rahu/Ketu in twelfth home signifies disturbed sleep.

6. twelfth home hammed between sixth and eighth home lords represents insomnia or sleep with horrific goals.

7. twelfth lord combust by Solar then the native will endure from insomnia.

8. twelfth home/lord related to Venus signifies lengthy hours of sleep.

9. Lord of third /4th home current in twelfth home or lord of twelfth home current in third/4th home induces sexual goals within the thoughts of native.

10. Lord of twelfth is in exaltation/personal home, the native will sleep an excessive amount of.

11. Lord of twelfth home positioned in ascendant or lord of ascendant and twelfth exchanges their homes, then the native develops lazy tendencies and sleep an excessive amount of.

12. twelfth home/lord related to Venus causes extreme sleepiness, particularly if Venus can also be the lord of Ascendant /4th home quantity of sleep exceeds many folds.

13. Rahu related to twelfth home/lord is accountable for interrupted sleep.

14. If Ketu is related to twelfth home/lord the native will stay boring and sleepy.

15. If lord of twelfth home is weak and current in sixth/eighth home the sleeping interval is curtail.

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