Step 1 – Step 2 – Step 3 – Get Match

There are only three things you need to do to achieve and maintain optimum physical fitness (that works on your psychological fitness at the same time). These three steps are really easy – and really hard. But motivation is the biggest stumbling block as you start this journey toward being fit and having the best possible health that you can. Yep, the Chinese proverb says that “the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.” That holds true for your journey toward health as well.,And the first step is to actually DO something. This could be anything from walking around the block signing up for a marathon, but you have to get started. Of course, check with your doctor and remember where you are starting from, but joining a gym, buying a bicycle, getting out your old sneakers – anything you do to convince yourself that you actually have begun this journey is the first step to being there.,The second step is a continuous one. Throughout your program (hopefully this journey will last your whole life), you need to find ways to keep track of your progress. Should you start with a weigh-in and body measurements? Up to you. Should you start with a “before” photograph? Up to you. Should you start with writing down what you eat for the last day before you start this new, healthy regimen? Up to you. But, for your personality and character, choose some way that you will keep track of your progress so that those periods that will come when you seem to be backsliding or have not made progress for a long, long time, you can see just exactly how far you HAVE come on your journey.,Keep a graph of your weight going down in the bathroom; keep a food journal (and give yourself permission to break the “diet” for one meal every week – this will make keeping to the straight and narrow much easier); take photos every month in the same clothes so that you can really see the progress; choose some way to track yourself and keep on track.,The third step is for fun as well as for health. Find an exercise buddy. Maybe you’ll have a couple of friends – one you walk with, one you swim with and one you do yoga with, for instance – who will walk along-side you on this journey. This will help keep you to the routine because on those days you don’t want to be responsible to yourself, you’ll feel responsible to your friend. And it will be VERY good for your mind. It will add the positive point of socializing to the pain of making your body take one more step when it’s so tired. The social aspect of getting fit cannot be emphasized enough. When something is fun, you’ll want to do it more.,So, you see? Easy as one, two, three. Now, just get out there and do it.

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