Store Fittings Colors

Do the colours of shop fittings influence customers? If you have never thought of it, I recommend you spare 10 minutes of your time to read this article. Just like the layout of store fixture and shop displays can entice customers to take that final action, the colours are important too.,In my past articles I wrote about how the layout of store fixtures and displays can attract more customers and increase sales. Choosing the right shop fittings can determine the success or failure of a high street shop.,Just like the layout of shop fittings, the colours can have their effect on customers. I’ll use a classic example here, the colours red, yellow and green are known to entice hunger, McDonald’s, BK or a subway anyone.,Colours influence the mind and perception, their strength and influence in the human mind have been subject of studies and researches by the marketers around the globe for years. More and more companies are becoming aware of that power and investing big in this element as part of their marketing strategy to increase conversions.,Colour strategy as defined by many authors has a huge psychological value for marketers. Mastering the associations and reactions produced by each colour in the human mind is of vital importance for the success of a marketing campaign.,Below are some examples of the significance and impact we normally associate to a given colour:,· Blue: Loyalty, Authority,· Pink: Love, Softness and sweetness as well as inertia and childishness,· White: Purity, nature, coldness and in some parts of the word like in Asia it is associated with morning,· Grey: Technology, efficiency, high tech colour. But if used in excess can be associated with sadness and boringness.,· Red: Warning, Danger, Energy, Speed, Hunger. It is also the colour our eyes perceives the quickest,· Black: Death, but it is also associated with Luxury and Chic,· Yellow: Plenitude, Action, Warmth, Stimulation and sometimes associated with betrayal,One might ask: What does all that have to do with my shop fittings colours?,The answer is very simple, a lot. Choosing the right colours for your
shop fittings can give you the edge against your competition and entice prospects to take the hardest action of them all, walk into your shop. Shop owners will agree the hardest part of owning a high street shop is to grab the attention of prospect and make them walk in. Once they are in it is down to the salesmen.,Choosing the correct colour for your store fixtures and displays is what will drag the attention of prospects passing by your store.

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