What Can A Health Ball Do For Me?

The Fitness ball is becoming more recognizable in the world of health and exercise.The truth is that many people still do not know how to use them or understand the benefits of using one. There are a variety of ways they can be used.,Made from a plastic that is soft, filled with air and puncture resistant. These balls was developed in Italy in 1963 and has slowly made its way from there to Switzerland to the United States because its benefits in physical therapy were recognized. Your height will determine what size ball you need. They range from 35 to 85 cm.,Also known as a balance or stability balls, birth, body balls, gym or gymnastic balls, physio balls, pezzi, sports balls, Swiss or Swedish balls and yoga or pilates balls. Workout balls are most commonly seen being used in physical therapy, athletic training, exercises and even weight training.,The core muscles of the body are the main focus with fitness balls. Core muscle groups include the abdomen and back, also referred to as the powerhouse of the body. The stronger your core is the stronger the rest of your body can be.,By forcing the body to respond to the instability of the balls and engaging these core or powerhouse muscles helps improve posture and keeps the focus of the workout on these groups of muscles. This gets a better workout and better results than traditional crunches. It is also considered a low impact exercise.,Women, midwives and doctors are always looking for ways to make the birthing process a little less stress filled and painful. Because of this, these workout balls has been making more appearances in the labor and delivery room. It provides a more natural process of birth by putting the woman into an upright position. This helps with the descent of the fetal head into the pelvis. Rocking of the hips during contractions may help to raise the comfort level. Still always be sure to have your birthing partner present to help you maintain your balance.,With the
fitness ball having so many benefits and becoming more widely used, it is easy to find and are also inexpensive. This allows more and more people to partake in using such a versatile tool. Always make sure that you are not stressing or pushing your body. As with any workout or product injuries can occur if not used properly.

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