What to Anticipate From a Health Boot Camp Exercise!

Have your gym workouts gotten stale? Are you struggling to pack up your gym bag and make it to the club so that you can get on the treadmill or elliptical for 30 minutes? Have you.. dare I say.. even stopped GOING to the gym to fulfill that New Years resolution that you made?,You aren’t alone. About 45% of fitness club members stop going in any given year. Many people fail at going to the ‘big box gyms’ and see exercising and getting into their skinny jeans as an impossible feat. Instead, many are looking for guided, challenging workouts, a team atmosphere, and accountability from a trainer or coach.,The solution –
FITNESS BOOT CAMP!!!,At first, the name sounds intimidating, but after you go, you’ll discover that you never knew losing inches could be so much fun.,What can you expect from a boot camp workout?,Even more importantly, you can expect:,To find a boot camp class near you, Google your city and “fitness boot camp”. You will be so glad you did!!

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