Why the Busy Lady Health Resolution Works For You

These days the average woman is often hard at work and has no time to properly maintain her body. Often times as a result of time constraints with their non-stop schedules most women will not work out consistently. Unfortunately this leads to many women feeling as though they have an undesirable body. The good thing is that many women can benefit from a busy woman fitness solution. The benefit of this method is that you can get the body you always desired even without a gym membership card.,You don’t have to worry about what strangers at the gym may think about your body because you can use the busy woman fitness solution in the privacy of your own home. Additionally, you will not need to spend lots of your money on expensive equipment. However, two things you will need are a little space and some dedication to make it work.,One of the best things about a busy woman fitness solution is that it is not time consuming. In only about twenty minutes you can get an amazing workout. This can be done as little as three days per week. A routine this easy leaves a busy woman without an excuse. You could also do these simple workout routines while watching television.,Here are some great ideas for a busy woman fitness solution:,The prisoner squat is a simple exercise to get you started. First, put your hands behind your head and interlock your fingers, similar to what you would do if a police officer told you to put your hands behind your head. Note that your arms will be parallel with the floor. Now, slowly go down until your thighs are parallel to the floor to get into a squat position. Then push up while ensuring that you keep your hands in one place and that your feet push flat on the floor.,Next, go directly into a push-up from the prisoner’s squat. With this push-up, you will give an extra push at the end to spread your shoulder blades and round out your back. You should do about five to twelve of these push-ups, depending on your fitness level. Straightaway after these push-ups go into a plank and lie flatly on the floor with your arms under your chest. This exercise is almost the same as a pus-up except in this case you won’t be pushing yourself up. Assume the regular push-up positioning but don’t balance yourself with your hands, instead use your forearms and hold this position for about 10 seconds to a minute.,Stand up and take one step forward and stay in this position. Put one foot behind you and the other in front of you, this position is called a stationery lunge. You should now bend the leg that is behind you down to the floor without making contact with the floor. Also ensure that the leg in front of you bends until your hamstring is parallel with the floor. Now carefully push back up with the leg that is located behind you. You should do this five to twelve times alternating the position of your legs.,Rest for at least a minute then begin all over again with the first exercise. Try your best to complete these at least four times. You should be done in less than twenty minutes. Since this
busy woman fitness solution is not time consuming, you can get back to your extremely busy schedule quickly.

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